New portal makes returns easier for shoppers and retailers

Research has shown that returns need to be easier and more convenient, with 53 per cent of Australian shoppers saying returns processes by e-tailers need to be easier, while 20 per cent have indicated that having a courier pick up and return their item would most motivate them to return unsuitable products.

In response to these findings, CouriersPlease has launched a new self-serve, low cost returns portal which will enable e-tailers of all sizes to focus their resources on selling their products instead of allocating costly resources to handle the challenge of reverse logistics.

Boomerang allows customers to return their unsuitable online purchases to a conveniently located drop-off point, which will then be collected by a CP driver and returned to the retailer’s warehouse for processing, says head of commercial & transformation, Jessica Ip.

“CouriersPlease is thrilled to launch the new Boomerang returns portal which will streamline the returns process and make it easier for both consumers and e-tailers,” she explains.

“Online shoppers want to be able to purchase with confidence and return an order easily if it isn’t suitable―they don’t want to feel disincentivised to return an item.

“Similarly for retailers, having a seamless returns experience is so important because it influences purchasing decisions, promotes repurchasing, as well as increasing customer loyalty to a brand. It can be a point of competition for online retailers and can often be the only differentiator for customers when deciding where to purchase.”

Revenue in Australia’s e-commerce market is expected to grow 14 per cent over the five years through 2018 to 2023, bringing the total revenue to $24 billion. With the retail industry experiencing strong growth in purchases for both physical and service products, this also comes with the inevitable increase in returns.

“Boomerang offers a simple and transparent solution that takes shoppers just minutes to organise a return. It also offers retailers an end-to-end solution, ensuring they won’t need to spend time managing and following up a return. The speed of the return to the warehouse and faster turnaround time for returns also means items will be put back on the shelf or online quicker.”