New pull-out print book launches

Decorating homes has become a lot more interesting with the releases of Wall Candy Volume 1 and 2 books that see pages of 50 life quotes easily removed and framed to style any walls.

Wall Candy creator David Cuschieri says his fascination with positive affirmations and love of transforming plain spaces inspired the pull-out print books.

“The Wall Candy books allow you to take the power of words into your daily life, into the place you spend most of your time―at home or in the office,” he explains.

“You can literally take a leaf out of our book and place it straight on your wall.”

The books use enriching, motivating and humorous quotes to provide daily inspiration and support while giving walls an instant facelift. Simply pull out the print along the perforated edge and place straight into a frame―it’s that easy, says Cuschieri.

“As an interior designer, helping to transform a bland space into a space you love and feel inspired in daily continually enthrals me.”

The books also include styling suggestions on unique ways to place the prints and here Cuschieri shares eight tips for this summer that you can use in your store as decoration or inspiration for your customers:

1 Create a power wall―group the prints together in a grid fashion to create a power wall

2 Create an entry statement―an entry statement can be an individual print or a series of prints that set the scene as you enter a house or room (or your store)

3 Let life be a reflection of your thoughts―place prints where you take a moment in your day to reflect

4 Create your smile guide―use prints that you know will make you smile

5 Create a vision wall―place prints together to create your personal vision wall

6 Surround yourself with sunshine―these bright and cheerful words will add some sunshine to our interiors best placed in a room where light is reflected

7 Triple your happiness―combine prints that work perfectly as a trio

8 Hang it, peg it, clip it―be creative and think outside the box when it comes to displaying quotes

Wall Candy books are now available in stores and for each book sold, a tree will be planted in Madagascar. So far more than 100,000 trees have been planted.

By Marion Gerritsen