New range of reusable dish covers from Spaza

Following the success of the original range of reusable dish covers, which launched in Australia late last year, Spaza is now looking to involve the community in its latest collection, Halo Dish Covers.

For this next range of dish covers, which are an alternative to single-use plastic for covering and protecting food, founder Julia Schaeffer looked for talented yet undiscovered artists who needed a platform from which to launch their design careers.

Using the themes of Edible Flowers, Utensils and Beach House, Spaza collaborated with five young designers to bring out a range in each of their names, which showcases their own interpretation of these themes.

These interpretations were then fine-tuned to fit the many different sizes and shapes of dish covers in the Halo range.

“It is Spaza's hope that each of these artists will experience large advances in their careers firstly through their promotion by Halo, and secondly through being able to buy equipment, produce a body of work for an exhibition or pay tuition fees to further enhance their skills,” she says.

For Schaefer, expanding the range of dish covers was an obvious choice. "Firstly, they are super handy.

"They are flexible, they are durable and will stick by you for years to come. They protect you from the harmful toxins that go into your food when you use cling wrap. They protect your food from being contaminated. They protect the environment from the waste created by single use plastics.

“They slot into your lifestyle going into the washing machine and at hand in a drawer when you need them. They are there when you gather with friends and family. They are well appreciated as gifts, being both beautiful and useful, and now each Halo Dish Cover also carries an artist’s story."

When it came time for Spaza to grow Schaefer knew that growth could not be for growth’s sake.

"Growth is to be used to grow our communities of like-minded people and to work together towards better business practices,” she says.

“And growth needs to mean less waste, and directly, less single use plastics."

Spaza is available in Australia through Buxton Hanley and commercial director Caryn Hanley says that any products that make it easier or possible to move away from using plastic are worth supporting.

"To achieve true sustainability, one has to do the right thing for both the environment and society,” she says.

“Spaza has consistently done that, and this same ethic and practice is now being spread even wider through the launch of Halo.

"We are thrilled to present a whole new range that embodies the same values and quality as Spaza's initial ranges and simultaneously provides a platform for young, undiscovered artists to launch their careers."

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