New safety standards for toys

There have been some updates in safety standards for certain toys that both retailers and wholesalers need to be aware of.

According to the ACCC, an updated mandatory safety standard for projectile toys has been issued to protect kids from serious eye injuries choking from toys like bow and arrow sets and toy guns.

Suppliers can either comply with the latest Australian voluntary standard or listed overseas standards, which is estimated to save Australian businesses approximately $6.75 million per year through greater access to global markets and reduced compliance costs.

“The updated consumer standard improves on existing consumer protections and is a timely reminder that parents and carers should only purchase safe, approved products that meet the requirements of the mandatory standard,” ACCC deputy chair, Delia Rickard, says.

“Under the Australian Consumer Law all suppliers must comply with the mandatory standard to protect children from injury or risk fines and penalties.”

There is also a new safety standard for aquatic toys. “Safety in and around water is of paramount importance to all Australians, especially young children.

“It is crucial for parents and carers to remember that aquatic toys are not flotation aids and are never a substitute for constant and competent supervision,” Rickard adds.

Suppliers can now comply with either the latest Australian voluntary standard or the trusted overseas ISO standard. This will save Australian businesses $1 million per year.