NZ brand BLUNT designs special umbrella for Oxfam Australia

Quirky New Zealand umbrella brand BLUNT has teamed up with Australian street artist Rone for its latest limited edition design to support Oxfam Australia.

Joining forces with the charity in 2016, the brand has already collaborated with NZ artist Dick Frizzell and has now set its sights on Australia.

The company will donate $30 to Oxfam Australia with each umbrella sold and BLUNT co-founder Scott Kingston says that Australians are much like Kiwis and like to give people a fair go.

“We’re thrilled to support Oxfam’s mission to make sure no one has to live in poverty and we hope this product can raise awareness and funds to help the incredible work that Oxfam is doing in these communities.”

Oxfam Australia director of public engagement, Pam Anders, says the funds raised through this project will go a long way in supporting some of Oxfam’s life-changing work around the world.

“For example, Oxfam helps communities throughout Asia Pacific and beyond adapt to climate change. There’s a great connection between BLUNT’s vision to reduce its impact on the environment and Oxfam’s work with communities affected by climate change.”

While artist Rone quite often declines companies pitching product collaborations, he just couldn’t say no to this one.

“The difference is that this is not just about me and BLUNT producing something cool; it’s a project that has tangible benefits for people in real need,” he says. “And it helps that BLUNT is known for making a seriously good product.”

The limited edition BLUNT + RONE umbrellas are available now.

By Marion Gerritsen

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