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Supporting local has never been more important than this year and the Made in Australia claim has never been more powerful than right now. More and more Australians want to support genuine Aussie products, however, it’s not always what it seems.

In our Aussie made feature we look at different initiatives, the benefits of buying local and what shoppers should look out for.

One in five shoppers says sustainability, or the lack of, influences their purchase decisions when it comes to retailers, brands and products. Check out our eco feature that looks at the shift in consumer behaviour and the brands that have tapped into this demand.

E-commerce has proven to be a key driver to maintaining and even boosting business in 2020, with the majority of Australians now shopping online and a third preferring to shop online more than before the pandemic. Read more in our retail feature.

In our trends series we look at Easter, working from home and the outdoors as well as the latest colours for decorating in autumn.

Aussies turned to home improvement in droves during the recent pandemic and lockdowns. So how can you update a room with simple but functional life tools? Check out our tips to elevate a space in more than one way.

As we move into autumn and the days are getting shorter, add some brightness to the home with wallpaper designs that complement Pantone’s colour(s) of the year Illuminating and Ultimate Grey. Check them out in our décor feature.

Don’t miss our visual merchandising pages to inspire your next store display, while our product pages will take you from summer into autumn.

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