Over 100 brands for new kids products marketplace

Little Kids Business has reached its goal by a mile, signing more than 100 brands with 1,000 gifts to sell on its online marketplace.

Not a bad feat for a business which is celebrating its first birthday in March. Founder Leisa Papa launched Little Kids Business after publishing her own children’s book and realising that the cost of running an online business outweighed her tiny profits.

So she set about working with other brands to be found collectively online.

"Our quality over quantity approach and just being super fussy has made all of the difference to attracting our first 100 brands in record time," she explains.

“As a marketplace every order placed through us generates directly to the original brand. This means we need to be sure that our brands have quality gifts and will dispatch a gift in 24-48 hours," says Papa, whose customer service is paying off, with return customers already coming back for more.

Little Kids Business showcases gifts for babies, little kids and school kids. “Our customers have been steadily growing since we launched in March 2018 at the Essential Baby and Toddler Show, but don't get tricked into thinking this is just another baby store.”

Natalie from iWorld says they sold over 50 Harry Potter Coding wands through the online marketplace.

"Little Kids Business… what can I say? This business definitely isn’t little,” she says.

“Since starting with the LKB team a few months ago, they have managed to supersede some of the larger online platforms that we work with. The LKB team is a dream to work with―patient, friendly and understanding. We look forward to helping them grow."