Plant care brand We the Wild is better for people, pets & the planet

One of the major trends that has come out of Covid is houseplants, as people are starting to see the benefits of having some greenery in the home while spending more time indoors.

We the Wild founder and director, Josh Armstrong, has definitely seen the effect of Covid on the sale of his plant care products.

“We’ve really had to dig deep to keep up with demand, while struggling with supply chain and logistic issues,” he explains. “Starting a business is hard. Starting a business during a global pandemic is ridiculously stressful, expensive and complex. We’ve managed to come out the other end unscathed, but we’re perfectionists and will be continuing to improve as awareness of our brand grows.”

We the Wild is all about plant care that’s better for people, pets and the planet. If any industry should be at the forefront of the green revolution, it should be the plant care industry, Armstrong says.

“Sadly, chemical fertilisers are poisoning waterways, blowing out our cities and exterminating species. I believe that by using our products to empower urban gardeners and engage them in the narrative of plant biology, we’re building grassroots environmental activism.

“Instead of just nutrients, our products replicate the biodiversity that makes plants thrive in nature, but sadly they lack in a pot. It’s the nutrients, beneficial bacteria, enzymes, hormones and fungi that provide the no nonsense simplicity and the dramatic effects We the Wild has become known for.”

The company was launched four years ago, when Armstrong looked down at the spray he was using on the plants in and around his home, only to realise it was 100 per cent petroleum.

“We the Wild was born on that day. It took years to develop the three essential products (grow concentrate, support pellets and protect spray) that are not only 100 per cent organic, but highly effective. We’ve been trading for nearly a year now and have grown to over 200 stores.”

The brand showcased its plant care products at the recent Reed Gift Fair in Sydney to a real mix of buyers including independent store chains, florists, lifestyle stores as well as gift stores and pharmacies. 

“For us, Reed Gift Fair was a key opportunity to spread our mission of plant care that’s better for people, plants and the planet. It’s so heartening to hear retailers so eager to join our cause and we’ve been thrilled by the feedback so far. When you want to disrupt an industry like we do, awareness is key.

“Plant care has become increasingly fragmented. Whereas we used to head to our local nursery for plants, now the café down the road, the homeware store, the plant shop and the florist all offer us a green fix. That’s why it’s so important to stock a product that is safe for all plants, at all times of year. Our products are incredibly simple to use and multipurpose so that retailers can help their customers care with confidence,” adds Armstrong.

We the Wild plants a tree for every individual product sold and has partnered with different projects to help rehabilitate fragile ecosystems. They started with the Australian bushfires and are currently working on a project in Nepal.

“Our products are also certified organic by NAASAA and they are tested and approved by the Animal Poison Centre. We are now their plant care partner of choice.”

Each individual plant care product retails for $14.99 while We the Wild’s kits, which includes all three items, sell for $44.95.

Armstrong says the brand will always keep a very refined range of products, so they are looking at how else they can educate their customers about how to keep their plants thriving.

“We’re in the process of launching our refills, which we hope will dramatically cut down on packaging waste. It’s a slow process as we lab test every packaging iteration. Outside of that, we’re really analysing the most impact our social responsibility efforts can have. We take part in tree planting initiatives and have supported organisations like Youth of the Streets in the past, and we’d like to expand this further.”

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