Range Finder – 4 reasons why you should stock the Essence 2020 hat range

It’s no secret that Australian summers can be real scorchers. From blistering days at the beach to sizzling barbecues in the evening, no Aussie is set without the perfect summertime safety accessory―a hat. Hats are becoming a vital part of the Australian lifestyle and here’s why you should stock them this season:

1. Hats provide a colourful display in your business―have some fun with low risk fashion

Summer is the perfect season to have a range of hats in your store. Let’s set aside the safety element and the outlay (we will talk about these soon enough), but the colours, designs and trends that hats provide will definitely add vibrancy to your storefront without you competing against the dress shop next door. With designs ranging from fedoras, bucket hats, sun hats and caps, the Essence 2020 range is sure to be a hit seller this year.

2. Hats are a constant and ever growing market

Hats are emerging in the market as more styles and better quality hit Australia at an affordable price. This, coupled with the demand for your customers wanting to wear hats, is a perfect retailing storm. Where there is sun, customers are going to demand headwear, which leaves the perfect gap in the market for you to cover. Not only does Essence have a tremendous range of fashion headwear, Gibson backs it up with stock to ensure it can continue to provide the best range for your store.

3. Stay fashion forward this season

By selling hats this year, your business can show they care while providing sun safe statement pieces. Hats are a timeless and essential trend in Australia, especially during summertime, which is why it’s so important you stock current and trending accessories. The Essence 2020 range sports an array of up to date, fashionable hat styles that are guaranteed to bump up business this season. Maintain a modern display and storefront with these fail-safe seasonal ensembles.

4. Hats provide a health and safety element to your business

Do you remember the old days of having minimal sun protection when outside? No sunscreen, certainly no sunglasses and definitely no hat. The marketplace is constantly reminded of the health benefits to wearing a hat outdoors (of course with sunscreen and sunglasses).

Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world and wearing a hat is one of the simplest and most effective ways to avoid it. The Essence summer hat range can provide protection against UV, whilst doubling as the perfect summer fashion accessory.

Step up your sales this summer with the Essence 2020 range of hats―perfect for all ages and occasions. By stocking Essence this season your shopfront will not only feature a more vibrant display but cover a constant target market, all whilst being sun smart.

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