Range Finder: essential gifts to pamper your customers

Gibson knows how popular the wonderful Aromist range of essential and blended oils is and believes it should be an integral part of your customer giftware range. The company also offers a range of humidifiers that go hand in hand with the oils and are great sellers. Here’s a little bit of essential information you might be interested in about the wonderful Aromist range. 

Essential oils to pamper you or a friend

The beautiful range of essential oils make the perfect indulgence gift for a special occasion or anytime just to ensure you or someone you know can feel totally relaxed and pampered. 

Technically speaking, essential oils are undiluted products that have been extracted from flowers, herbs, leaves, grasses, roots, woods, barks, spices, fruits or gum. They are designed to harness ancient traditions for modern use of their therapeutic benefits and a sensory experience. 

One thing is for sure, there wouldn’t be many people who wouldn’t love indulging themselves with any of these soothing oil treatments that offer a luxuriating experience for skin, hair, bath and body. 

What makes the Aromist range such a strong seller with customers is the fact these 100 per cent pure natural oils are available in nine of the most popular oil selections on the market, being bergamot, peppermint, lemongrass, sandalwood, sweet orange, rose, tea tree, lavender and eucalyptus. 

So you get to choose an oil that you know will suit the personality and the requirements of that special someone you’re gifting it to. Or it may be the perfect indulgence gift for yourself.

Blended oils to suit a mix of needs 

The great thing about natural oils is they’re ideal for women of any age, or men for that matter, and they’re not just about one-off benefits. So even though they can be used as a single oil such as lavender to inspire calm and relaxation, they can in fact be blended to have a great healing effect for many different situations. 

The good news is Aromist have made it simple and easy to enjoy this expansive oil range with a selection of pre-mixed purpose built oils. 

Each oil treatment is made with carefully selected oils to provide aromatherapy relief for a range of physical benefits from stress relief, relaxation, improved sleep, breathing easier and headaches through to the more emotional benefits of increasing happiness, love, and feeling revived. There’s even an oil treatment for new mums to help with calming baby. These blended oils present a very popular range with customers. 

Humidifiers and burners―the full experience 

When you’re thinking of stocking Gibson’s essential oils and blended oils ranges, it’s also worth looking at providing your customers with the full essential oil experience by diffusing these oils in one of the company’s statement Aroma lamps with touch control. 

When lit up these attractive glass lamps shine beautiful colours and patterns throughout the room setting just the right mood for a chilled night in. Combine a diffusing lamp with your favourite oil, and your room will take on a whole new ambience. 

So choose a very relaxing shopping experience for your shoppers this year, with Aromist essential and blended oil ranges and Aroma humidifiers from Gibson.

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