REDDIE Furniture launches new collection

Inspired by the working from home trend spurred on by the recent pandemic, Sydney based REDDIE Furniture is introducing a new range designed for the home and/or office.

“Our new collection addresses the new shift towards a work and living space that functions independently, yet coexists seamlessly,” says REDDIE co-founder and director, Andrew Olah.

The Live, Work, Live collection is a curated series of simple, functional yet inspiring pieces ranging from desks, storage and seating, to side, coffee and dining tables.

“Since the lockdown last year, we noticed many clients upgrading their homes especially searching for home office solutions that would complement the rest of their space,” explains Caroline Olah, REDDIE co-founder and designer.

“Our Non-Corporate Workstation (NCW) initially designed for office spaces became a popular option for the home due to its warmer appearance. This change planted the seed for the curation of the Live, Work, Live collection.”

The series showcases versatility and durability, whilst creating a warmer and uplifting environment through natural materials. All pieces can be customised by size and/or material to suit one's space.  

“We don’t believe this collection is just limited to the home, I think we’ll definitely be seeing a lot of offices lean towards creating a warmer, residential aesthetic for their spaces upon returning back as well,” she adds.