Ripple & Co launches five new products

When Jane Rogers launched her business at the end of 2019, she was at a time in her life where most people would be thinking of retiring instead of launching a new business.

“The name Ripple & Co is inspired by the fact that I started the business at an age where most people would have stopped working,” she explains.

“The ripple effect is about taking one action and keep going. There will be distractions and holes in the way and I want to inspire women at a certain age that it’s never too late to start something.”

Showcasing her products for the first time at Reed Gift Fairs, they are made of both Indonesian and Australian leather.

“During the pandemic I managed to get the Australian leather I wanted, which took most of the year to find. I was also desperate to find manufacturing in Australia so my products would be Australian leather, Australian designed and Australian made. I started wholesaling with Indonesian leather as well and import at the lowest price I can.

“I am launching five different sizes of bags here at the fair, all based on practicality and style that won’t go out of fashion.

“The smaller bags are very much on trend right now, but then the large backpack has been really popular as well,” she enthuses.

Rogers’ bags are in demand with boutiques, chemists and shoe shops. “I try to connect with everybody, keep an open mind as I am only just starting. For example, a buyer was just here at the stand to look at the large backpack for high end corporate gifting.”

While this is her first time exhibiting, she expected to see bigger crowds from what she was told.

“People are discerning. Buyers are looking at the whole show, who is here, who isn’t. They go away to think about it and come back the next day to place orders. It is a sign of the times.”