Tamboril gives back with charity range

Gift and fashion accessories wholesaler Tamboril has created a bracelet collection, Sweet Charity, as a way of helping those who need it most.

“[We] have been looking for a way of ‘giving back’ for some time,” says Tamboril founder, Julia Brampton. “Then it came to us—let’s do what we know best and then use the proceeds to support charities.

“In this way we can give our customers great products and margin on the sale and give both the retailer and the end consumer a great feeling knowing that their purchase is aiding great charities.”

The range features six colourways that correspond to a particular charity including the Red Cross, RSPCA, White Ribbon Australia, Make a Wish Australia, Pink Ribbon Foundation and Beyond Blue. This means customers can either pick their favourite colour or charity, explains Brampton.

Sweet Charity bracelets will be available to retailers in 36- and 72-piece stand sets, and Tamboril will take $1 from its margin on the wholesale price of each piece and donate it to the nominated charity.

“We take it from our margin as our way of giving back,” says Brampton. The company will email each customer that purchases Sweet Charity products a receipt at the end of each quarter showing the amount paid to each charity.

“In our 12 plus years of trading, Tamboril has built a reputation with our customers of being trustworthy and honourable…However, when dealing with charitable donations we believe that it is best to leave nothing to chance.”

Special gift packaging and signage has been designed to make it clear to consumers that money will be donated to charity when they purchase a Sweet Charity bracelet.

“This makes both the gift giver and the recipient get that great glow that comes from helping others,” adds Brampton.

By Ruth Cooper

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