TV show The Block features Aussie made homewares

Being featured on a TV show gives a brand great exposure, so having your products chosen for The Block is a massive opportunity that not many companies would want to miss out on.

Husband and wife team, Leif and Erin Smart from Martini Furniture, were delighted when they realised their handmade, luxurious velvet cushion appears in Mitch and Mark’s formal lounge room in this season of The Block.

It's not often that sustainability is thought of when it comes to the speed and amount of money invested in building The Block properties, but in choosing Martini Furniture's new cushion range the contestants helped to reduce their environmental footprint a tiny bit.

The Martini Designs range of cushions as developed as an answer to reusing the waste created by manufacturing our custom made upholstered bedheads, says Erin.

"We wanted to find a use for the left over fabric, to reduce landfill, in a luxe, high-end way, without compromising style or quality," adds Leif.

Underwhelmed with the saturation of neutral, scandi-style mass-produced homewares, Martini Furniture was developed as a way to shake neutral decor up with colour, and help people reimagine the way they use colour in their interiors.

This is the second year that Martini Furniture has appeared on The Block, supplying four upholstered bedheads for the 2018 series of The Block in The Gatwick, also in St Kilda. This included supplying the bedhead for Bianca and Carla's winning guest room.

Also featured on this season's The Block was artwork from Trisha Lambi, who says she was pleasantly surprised when she got the phone call that one of her paintings was considered for Matt and Elise’s room.

“It was a Friday morning and I was asked if it was possible to get the painting to Melbourne from Brisbane by the next day in time for room judging,” she enthuses.

“Of course, I immediately said yes all the while frantically working out how I was going to actually do it! It had come down to a decision between two of my pieces, Nevermore and One for Sorrow and they still weren’t sure which one they would go with.

“Eventually the contestants went with Nevermore and the painting was delivered on time and in perfect condition,” she adds. 

Lambi has exhibited both around Australia and internationally and this was the first time her art had been chosen for The Block.