Tips to stand out from the crowd this Christmas

More than any other year, Christmas 2020 will be a time for joyful celebration in our communities. Chas Clarkson’s team is busy preparing a premium collection of beautiful displays for its clients that will resonate with their customers and create long-lasting memories.

Here are some expert tips on how you can decorate like a pro in order to stand out from the crowd this Christmas.

Christmas trees come in all different sizes and styles. Traditional trees are available in different foliage types and combinations―from standard PVC branches to the more natural-looking pintel foliage. Then there are modern varieties of trees made of woven fibreglass or timber.

Once you’ve made the choice of traditional vs. modern (and measured your ceiling height!) the next step is to choose your colours. A popular approach is to dress a traditional foliage tree with bright and colourful decorations for a burst of fun and festiveness. A feature colour to make the tree ‘pop’ can be achieved with an impactful lime green or a striking navy blue. Gold and silver tones maintain that classic, timeless look to ensure longevity.

If your tree is going outside, you’ll want your decorations to be resistant to the hot Australian sun. And if you have a REALLY big external tree, you’ll need to have it certified by an engineer to confirm its stability and suitability for external conditions.

But your Christmas tree decorations don’t need to be confined to just baubles. There are a mountain of options to turn your tree into a glorious statement by adding decorative leaves, sprays, 3D shapes, crystals―even birds! And will you wrap your tree with a spiral garland arrangement, or all-over coverage? Try a spiral configuration for a more traditional approach, or all-over decorations for maximum impact.

Next up are the lights―warm white, cool white or multi-coloured? Warm white lights suit trees with gold as the foundation of their colour palette, while cool white lights suit trees with a base of whites and silvers. Multi-coloured lights are gaining in popularity, especially for larger trees, with some lighting systems now able to be programmed into patterns from your smart device.

Lights will always need a dedicated power supply and there are different power outputs available for different lighting configurations, so make sure you select the right one. Power supplies should have a uniform style of connection to guarantee that they will connect to any lighting product – like the Simply Connect range. One does not need to be performing makeshift electrical work in order to make your Christmas tree twinkle.

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