Toy trends for Christmas

As Christmas is getting closer, kids everywhere are already working on their wish list to give to Santa, which will, as always, include lots of toys and gadgets.

TNW Australia supplies the gift industry with innovative toys, gifts and accessories that will look good on any Christmas list.

We list the top 10 trends that retailers should look out for when stocking their shelves for the festive season.

1 Llamas, llamas and more llamas

Llamas are definitely the animal du jour and they come in many different sizes, materials and colours. If you want a cute and colourful cuddle pal, TNW’s Plush Llama ticks all the boxes. This fluffy and adorable rainbow coloured Llama has sparkling feet and crystal blue eyes...what's not to like?

If you’re looking for sweet companion to keep you company and keep you focused then meet the no drama llamas.

These Cushy Frizzee Light Up Llamas are sensory toys with soft, spiky and stretchy exteriors, they make excellent tactile toys and they light up a rainbow of colours when lightly tapped or shaken.

2 Let’s have some fun

Clay has been around for many years and has always been a fun way for kids to create anything they liked. Despite the influence of technology in kids’ lives, moulding clay is still a very popular past time.

Children can get moulding and make whatever their heart desires and show off their sculpting abilities with the Super Light Moulding Clay Kit from TNW.

Each kit includes 8 x 20g coloured clay, one set of three modelling tools, and one detailed booklet with various step by step projects and a colour mixing chart.

This moulding clay has a great feel and is easy to use. It starts of soft and mouldable and can be reused again and again if kept in an airtight container. When you are happy with what you've made leave it out to dry. When fully dry it hardens into a sponge like texture that can be squashed in your hand but keeps its shape and form.

Kids can make figures, animals, trees, cars, whole scenarios... the possibilities are endless with Super Light Moulding Clay.

3 Everyone is going crazy for Crazy Sand

Years ago, TNW launched Super Sand and kids were obsessed with the stuff, it looked and felt just like wet sand and was awesome for building sand castles amongst other things. 

It’s 2019 and there is a whole new sand craze. TNW’s mouldable Crazy Sand comes in six vibrant colours, this dynamic sand is super light and soft, is stretchable, squeezable, mouldable and even floats in water. Starting off as a solid wet sand like texture, if stretched or torn it becomes fluffy and airy like marshmallows or fairy floss. On the other hand, it can be moulded and retain accurate detail as a solid piece and cleanly cut into shapes.

Crazy Sand is coated in a stretchy substance which allows the sand to stick together so it can be moulded and cut without making any mess.

Another cool feature of TNW’s Crazy Sand is that it never dries allowing you to work on or add detail to your creation for days or even weeks.

4 Snap, crackle and crunch

Straight from another cosmos is Crunchy Putty; it is filled with tiny colourful balls that make crackling crunchy sounds when squashed or stretched.

Currently available in two types, Bright and Glitter, it has the consistency of chewing gum and a bright shiny look. Both varieties have four assorted colours and come in punchy packaging exclusively designed at TNW.

5 Make it glitter

Take the classic spring to the next level with the giant rainbow glitter spring. Watch it walk down the stairs like a rainbow coloured sparkly elephant.

Bounce it up and down and watch the colours of the rainbow flow and sparkle through the air.

Twirl it around and watch it sparkle. The perfect wand for a little princess or lovers of rainbows is the Rainbow Coloured Glitter Wand that shimmers as you sway or spin them through the air.

It is a great accompaniment to a fairy outfit or to show off your gymnastic or dancing skills. Each wand is rainbow coloured and filled with glitter and water and has soft rubber tips.

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