Vegan cork leather dog collars launch in Australia

Being 100 per cent eco-friendly, vegan and sustainable is quite a statement to make, but that’s exactly what dog accessories brand, Herzog Collars, is claiming to be.

The range of collars is made from cork, which is sourced from ethical companies in Europe while the hardware is sourced from a small family business, also based in Europe.

“Before founding this start-up in 2018, I had a career as an illustrator and designer, and I created Herzog Shop when I found that none of the collars on the market were at a level of quality or design aesthetic that I could appreciate,” says founder Emma Berger, while talking about what inspired her to start the business.

“All of the collars and leads are handmade in Melbourne, Australia and can be customised to the customer’s taste with a range of colours and hand painted options available.”

Berger makes each piece in her Melbourne studio and feedback so far has been phenomenal. With our four legged friends being part of the family, we only want what’s best for them which includes collars handmade using original Australian vegan cork leather, and without any compromise on the quality.

“Pet owners want these accessories badly for their pets. The company has received overwhelming reviews and testimonials from its customers regarding its products and a lot of families have placed custom orders for their pets.”

The collars are available in Australia, UK, New Zealand and the US.