Vitamix blending up a storm on TV

Tapping into the popularity of reality TV shows, Vitamix’s blender has been ‘performing’ on not one but two popular cooking programs this year.

The brand’s high performance Total Nutrition Centre was the chosen blending appliance for Chef’s Line starring Maeve O’Meara, executive chef Dan Hong, renowned indigenous chef Mark Olive and food writer Melissa Leong, and season 9 of MasterChef featuring celebrity judges Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston.

Both programs showcase exactly what the machine can do during crucial cooking challenges―for example, MasterChef’s ‘battle of the blenders’ where contestants competed to make the best emu dish.

Euan Mitchell, sales director for Vitamix Australia and New Zealand, said product integration into MasterChef and Chef’s Line directly reaches the brand’s core target audience, giving viewers at home the opportunity to see the appliances in action.

"The challenges designed around the Vitamix's power and high performance showcase the dynamic versatility, speed and consistency of the blender, giving the contestants the freedom to experiment with textures, techniques and ingredients," says Mitchell.

“Fuelled by innovation, innovation, innovation, Vitamix hopes to inspire a new generation of chefs―from MasterChef contestants to all of us at home, creating masterpieces in our own kitchens."

The Vitamix Total Nutrition Centre is now available in Australia.

By Marion Gerritsen