Why retailers need ‘new age’ delivery options

With slow retail sales predicted to continue this quarter, many Australian businesses are searching for ways to attract new customers and increase their profit margins.

New research commissioned by Zoom2u, an innovative platform that provides fast and reliable deliveries, reveals that 66 per cent of Australians say they would be more likely to purchase from a company who offered ‘new age delivery options’ that included three-hour delivery service, live tracking and the ability to contact the driver, with 27 per cent saying this would increase their chance of purchasing significantly.

Delving further, the data also highlights that almost half of Australians have been influenced by delivery options when it came to completing a purchase or not. One in three also note that being able to receive a product within three hours is important to them.

Interestingly, males and females are on par in terms of how likely they are to be influenced by delivery options when deciding whether to make a purchase or not. In terms of age groups, 18 to 33-year-olds are the most likely to be influenced, followed by 26 to 33-year-olds, which is crucial for brands targeting millennials to keep in mind.  

“After being constantly frustrated by the inefficiencies of traditional delivery methods I founded Zoom2u as a modern solution, and this research demonstrates that consumers are craving these ‘new age’ options that provide them with faster, and better quality, deliveries,” Steve Orenstein, founder and CEO of Zoom2u says.  

“Especially in today’s current retail climate, finalising sales is more important than ever. This research highlights that by adopting delivery options that are powered by innovative technology, businesses have the potential to increase their number of orders by 66 per cent, which can be the difference between a thriving business and shutting up shop for many.”

In addition to offering ‘new age’ delivery options, Orenstein shares his expert insights into other elements that businesses should consider to improve the customer experience and convert more sales.

• Invest in making the customer journey faultless. How customers navigate and interact with a brand is paramount. The experience should be easy to follow and have a unified call to action throughout. Ultimately, whether a person is purchasing in store, through an app, mobile or desktop, the process must be simple and seamless.

• Communicate with your customers regularly. Engaging with customers is an important way for them to keep you top of mind and to minimise the risk of them looking elsewhere for alternative providers. What a brand communicates doesn’t need to be ground breaking, it can be as simple as alerting them to a sale, discussing new offerings or company news, and it can be done through a range of simple methods such as e-newsletters or social media.

• Make it easy to be contacted. Having a phone operator during traditional office hours, or a basic contact form is no longer effective in terms of offering quality customer service. Making it simple for clientele to contact a representative to answer questions or resolve any issues in a quick manner is vital for increasing customer retention.

“Having consumers front of mind, and listening to their wants and needs is crucial for retaining and growing customers. Investing in ‘new age’ offerings is an important element of this, but fortunately these steps don’t need to be large expenditures, especially compared to the potential revenue they may lead to,” he adds.