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1 Murdock Street
CLAYTON SOUTH, Victoria 3169

What does ANJIAN mean?
An - Ji - An, An means Peace and Ji means Good Luck, so ANJIAN means great peace and good luck. Peace and Happiness

We are an ethical international export wholesale company, whose aim for our giftware is to espouse positive values and hope for humankind.

Office/Warehouse Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 9.30am til 4.30pm
Online Catalogue: Wholesale Ordering online anytime, 24 hours per day

If your coming down Clayton Road (point South direction), you must pass the Clayton Shopping centre, cross Centre Road and we're about the fifth street on the left. We're the Feng Shui red building on the left. Easy!

Our current Brands:
Anjian Australia Spiritual: Angels, Tibetan, Yoga, Feng Shui, Laughing Buddha, Quan Yin, Hindu, Wiccan, Smudge, Evil Eye, Crystals, Jizo , Home, Egyptian, Greek, Islam
Yugeli range This high quality convenient box is called man made crystal, the lid looks just like crystal and is solid in structure, called Yugeli, (yoo-ge-le)
Our current Agents:
HIT Agencies
1/13 Yeovil Cr
Bicton, WA 6157
Phone: (08) 9319 9688
Mobile phone: 0412 771 133
Fax: (08) 9319 9688
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