Aromamatic Products

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Unit 1/12 Olympic Circut
PO Box 840 S.B.C.
Southport, Queensland 4215

Australia's leading manufacturer and supplier of aromatherapy electric oil vaporisers and soy wax warmers for over 25 years. The Aromamatic range provide a safe, clean & efficient way to enjoy the aromatic and therapeutic properties of aromatherapy.

Our current Brands:
Aromamatic 2inOne Vaporizers A range of four vaporizers designed to be used with either Pure Essential Oils or Soy Wax Melts to enhance your lifestyle and wellbeing.
Aromamatic LED Wax Melt Warmer Capture the true ambience of LED lighting while enjoying your favourite scented wax melts and is ideal alternative to using candles and a naked flame.
Aromamatic Wax Melt Warmers These warmer's with their gentle temperature is warm enough to dissolve your wax melts, but not hot enough to burn, making them ideal for any location
Aromatherapy Timber Storage Boxes Our finely constructed storage boxes are a practical & beautiful way to keep your oils safe & protected from direct sunlight, heat & small fingers.
Aromatic Ultrasonic Mist Diffusers The soft gentle lights and the cool mist disperse fine molecules of pure essential oils for you to enjoy the delightful benefits of aromatherapy.
Essential Oil Vaporizers Designed to maximize the effectiveness of vaporizing pure essential oils or blends, allowing gentle vaporization and eliminating the need to add water
illumamatic Multi-Light Vaporizers These vaporizers combine ambient lighting with the wonderful world of Aromatherapy, creating an atmosphere, both visually & tantalizing to the senses.