Art N Vintage

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16 Stardust Court
SUNRISE BEACH, Queensland 4567

Art N' Vintage leather brings to you a new look in bags and wallets. 
We create new techniques and 3D designs and colours that bring a fresh look to our range each season, with bags that are both beautiful and functional.

White raw cowhide is used with each finished piece being dyed, washed, tumbled & treated individually in order to achieve a unique vintage and weathered look.  Colour shades vary slightly and the natural markings on the leather are maintained. We use an environmentally friendly dying process that requires less water and creates less waste.

All our design features such as top stitching, studding, perforation and weaving are done by hand by artisan craftsman, with a mix of laser cut, at our base in Delhi, where we are preserving the knowledge of hand made techniques and supporting local craftsman.

Our current Agents:
Julie Sloan
Mobile phone: 0408 829 931
Maria Bonfiglio
Mobile phone: 0413 337 823
Sally-Ann Needham
Mobile phone: 0408 773 880
Tracy Fisher
Mobile phone: 0400 335 333