Australia in the Great War

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Australia in the Great War is a five year program designed to get people thinking and talking about the First World War.

Give people inspired products that reflect our national spirit. For the next five years Australians will celebrate our national pride as we commemorate the Great War and its major events. Let them honour our past and remember their time in history.

Gallipoli Centenary Collections The 2015 Centenary of the Gallipoli Campaign will be one of the biggest anniversaries in Australian history. The dawn service at Gallipoli has already attracted massive public interest and coverage of the build-up to the Centenary is expected to create huge demand for Gallipoli commemorative merchandise. The Sands of Gallipoli Centenary Collection and 100 Gallipoli Collection are designed to engage the wides possible audience.

Sands of Gallipoli Centenary Collection - this is the premier Gallipoli commemorative collection. Select products feature actual sands collected from Anzac Cover (pre roadwork that changes the shoreline significantly). This affordable, yet rare collection will inspire sales from past customers and those inspired by the Gallipoli coverage.

100 Gallipoli is an emotive new brand designed specifically for the Gallipoli Centenary to appeal to a broad audience captivated by public interest in the Gallipoli story.