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68 Flood St
LEICHHARDT, New South Wales 2040

The products and ranges we curate are all ethically and sustainably produced by companies that actively give back their communities, the enviroment or both. It is our aim to introduce products to Australia and New Zealand that not only enhance your life but also the world as a whole.

We currently represent Spaza, Avoova, Halo Dish Covers, Sexy Socks , Kuro-Bo, Bruntwood Lane Cream Collection. Each of these brands brings a unique offering to the Australian Market.

Spaza has a beautiful range of hand made cotton dishcovers that are a washable, reusable, plastic free alternative to cling wrap - and look great too.Spaza is focused on the reduction of waste and in particular eradicating single use plastics. All their products are hand made by ladies living in gang-riddled townships who would otherwise have no way of earning an income.

Sexy Socks are fun, quality socks made from sustainably grown Bamboo or cotton and for every single pair sold, a pair is donated to a school child in need. A warm body means better learning so not only do they look great but each pair you buy makes a real difference in breaking the cycle of poverty.

Avoova's range comprises exquisitely hand crafted home decor items made from upcyled ostrich eggs and sustainably produced ceramics. The range encompasses a wide array of products from paperweights to bar carts. Avoova provides much needed employment in a poor area, and donates a portion of its profits to upskilling the youth in that area so they have more employment options available to them.

Kuro- Bo has brought the ancient Japanese are of using Binchotan charcoal to purify and filter water naturally and with zero waste. Their fully recyclable bottles complement the filters.

Bruntwood Lane is the home of wool felted soaps. 100% natural - an exfoliator and soap in one that leaves skin nourished and smooth.

Our mission is to bring you life - sustainably curated.

Mon-Fri 8:30am -5pm AEST

Our current Brands:
Halo Dish Covers The perfect eco-friendly replacement for plastic wrap and foils for leftovers and entertaining.
Kuro-Bo Nature’s filter, activated Binchotan charcoal provides fresh filtered water for 3-6 months. Available separately or with a reusable bottle.
Sexy Socks Sexy Socks donates a pair of socks for every pair sold. Quality sustainably produced bamboo and cotton socks in modern designs. Gifts that give back
Spaza Homeware Sustainably produced, functional homeware. The perfect substitute for single used plastic, from a company focussed on empowerment.