Gourmet Fudge Supplies

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Fudge Mix
Our fudge mix is made with top quality ingredients. It is available in four base flavours – plain, caramel, Belgian milk chocolate and Belgian Dark chocolate. From these four base flavours, hundreds of flavours can be made. All our base mixes are FREE FROM HYDROGENATED OILS and our palm oil is from a sustainable source. Both our chocolate mixes contain BELGIAN CHOCOLATE and DUTCH COCOA, giving your chocolate fudges a superior rich chocolate taste.
Fudge Kettle
Gourmet Fudge Supplies recommend the Savage fudge kettle, manufactured in the USA. The kettle has many great features such as being able to lock the kettle on a tilt which is great for mixing ingredients and taking the weight off you when pouring your 14.4kg of smooth and creamy fudge out of the kettle. Contact us for more details on the benefit of this kettle as there are too many to list.
Already have a fudge mix kettle? No problem! Our fudge can be made in any kettle designed for cooking fudge pre mixes.
Ready Made Fudge Slabs
We also offer our delectable fudge in ready made slabs. Full turn key packages are available including small or large cabinets. Our smallest cabinet can display up to ten varieties of fudge with a very small foot print.
Some customers decide to try our ready made fudge before purchasing a fudge system, but for some ready made fudge slabs suit their business as they do not have the time or want to change the layout of their store.