Organic Merchant Tea, Tisanes and Cacao

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Cavendish Street
STANMORE, New South Wales 2048

With a childhood spent in remote Western Australia with a green-thumbed family and the opportunity to travel 1000’s of kilometres of Australia’s vast land, an immense reverence for the free and wild spirit that this earth offers up, was instilled within Chalimah. It was a natural step for her to study horticulture which then led her to naturopathy, combining her love for plants and the healing powers of herbs.

This love can be found - and tasted - in each blend of Organic Merchant tea. The product range features over 45 different combinations of native Australian fruits and herbs (which have been a staple for our first peoples for thousands of years) with more traditional herbs known from ancient Western, Chinese, Peruvian and Ayurvedic medicine.

After many years formulating tea blends for critically ill patients, Chalimah was able to craft the perfect balance of great taste and high functionality. This has been validated by the numerous blind-tasting awards the brand has won over the years including Gold for Best Herbal Tea and Best Non-Traditional Tea at the Golden Leaf Awards in 2018 and 2019.