Science and Nature

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PO Box 2293
Hawthorn, Victoria 3122

Manufacturers of premium science kits and Australian animal souvenirs. Distributors of Navir optical toys, Pathfinders wooden mechanical kits, British Fossils minerals, fossils and gemstones. Exclusive distributors of Thames and Kosmos science range.

Our current Brands:
Animals of Australia Accurate PVC replicas each individually hand painted. Large and small figurines. All our small figurines are also available with keychains attached.
British Fossils Brilliantly packaged with consistent quality - rocks, minerals and fossils.
Discover Science Premium range of science kits written and designed by qualified scientists.
Navir Made in Italy with classic design features this range includes optical and scientific toys such as bug viewers and binoculars.
Pathfinders Wooden construction toys and models including da Vinci inspired catapult and helicopter.
Thames and Kosmos The world's first and finest range of science kits. Since 1922.