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7 Wollombi Rd
Bilgola Plateau, New South Wales 2107

All of our products are designed in Australia to follow a clean and minimal Scandinavian design philosophy. Each of our products are created to have multiple uses, and are carefully handmade from high-quality raw materials for durability.

We have chosen to work with small, family owned manufacturers in Vietnam and India to create our products. We like to partner with smaller studios who are specialists in their area and whose knowledge adds immense value to the quality of our products.

Each product in our range is made by hand, some are thrown on potting wheels while others are hand poured into moulds for consistency. Our range of ceramic kitchenware is hand produced in Northern Vietnam in a small ceramic village where our partners have been creating homewares for over 900 years, passing down their skills generation to generation. One of our other partners in Northern Vietnam sources clay from the back yards of different family members depending on what type of finish we are working on. So each product in our collection really is one of a kind! Our glass and brass is all handcrafted in family artisan studios in India, our relationships with our India partners is made up of trust and honesty, we support them to ensure social responsibility is achieved in their workplace. We regulary visit our partners both in India and Vietnam on both business and social levels, they are our friends as well as our colleagues.

We love the journey our products pass through before becoming part of the collection, and from the first sketch we share knowledge back and forth with our makers which always teaches us something new. They are just as excited as we are about testing new techniques or processes to make something special.

We value the uniqueness of the handmade process and aim to help keep these traditional skills alive through our partnerships. With each piece being handmade, there can be slight variations between each product. We fire our products using a traditional cubed Vietnamese kiln which creates a firing temperature with up to 10 degrees difference inside the kiln. Depending on where an individual product is placed this 10 degrees impacts the colour intensity and finish of the product, giving each design a unique beauty and point of difference.

Your ZAKKIA piece is like no other, each product is unique and shows the marks of its journey. We see these differences as something special to enjoy and love over time!

Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm