The cold winter months can be tough on our skin and the same goes for our pets. Without proper care and veterinary-backed products, the cold and windy air can leave your pet’s skin, coat and fur feeling dry and itchy.

Recognising and addressing these issues early on ensures that your furry friend won’t develop any nasty skin conditions and will stay comfortable all winter long.

Drool includes a range of vet-quality treats, washes and care products for dogs and cats created by celebrity vet Dr Chris Brown.

Soothe my skin wash

A soothing, nourishing wash for all dogs. Especially for those who have itchy skin and lick their feet and bellies (RRP $35)

Super useful skin cream

Your go-to soothing skin cream for your pet’s feet, belly and face. Super Useful skin cream soothes and nourishes as well as acting as a barrier cream to dirt, pollens and grasses (RRP $29).

Nourish my coat wash scented & unscented

An innovative wash that nourishes and cleans without stripping and drying their coat out. Meaning their coat is softer and shinier than you’ve ever seen (RRP $35).

No time to wash spray

No time to wash? No worries. A freshen-up and detangling spray for coats sprinkled with mud, stench and stray saliva. Perfect for a quick clean after the chaos of the park (RRP $35).

Wash brush

The natural bamboo base and soft silicon bristles enable you to disperse the nourishing ingredients and lather deep into their coat. All while giving them a gentle massage at the same time (RRP $24).

Hypoallergenic skin + within treats

The best treat for dogs with a sensitive stomach, food allergies, persistent gut upsets, anal gland problems (scooting) and skin issues (RRP $13.99).

Furball and skin cat treats

For help managing furballs and to maintain skin and coat health all year round (RRP $11.99).

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