5 consumer trends to watch in 2018

Some products sell better than others and it is always important to keep up to date on the latest trends so you know what to stock for the next season. Amanda Stevens, consumer trends and customer experience expert, shares her views on what to look out for this year.

The menaisance

Combined gender spending on men’s products is surging, as retail categories such as fashion and cosmetics expand for a growing male market. This is also trending in male consumer spend on luxury brands.


Consumers will gravitate to brands that are offering a personalised version of their brand (think Coke, Nutella) and brands that give consumers the power to customise their products through choice and individual personalisation.

Don’t leave home without it

In 2018, the smartphone will surpass a wallet as the most important shopping companion. Seamless digital payment systems such as Apple Pay will become the norm and consumers will reward brands and organisations that provide a streamlined, seamless digital experience.

Small giants

The rise of Indie brands will continue as consumers look to brands that offer a boutique offering and are perceived to be authentic, a key value among millennials. Brands with a story and founders that consumers can relate to will win big in 2018.

The rise of C2B

In 2016, 86 per cent of marketers used influencer marketing in some capacity, 94 per cent of those found it effective, according to a recent survey of marketers by Linqia. This year will see influencer marketing take on a new multi-channel approach, as consumers turn more and more to influencers to shape their views and habits on everything from health and wellness to lifestyle and entrepreneurial pursuits.

By Amanda Stevens, amandastevens.com.au