5 reasons why beeswax is the new black

For many businesses, the last 12 months have meant a focus on survival, though some retailers have seen huge growth as they responded to unprecedented demand in new and unexpected areas.

To succeed in 2021 and beyond, marketers will need to respond dynamically to shifting demand, find ways for customers to window-shop online, and balance competing demands for both value and ethical shopping options.*

In some ways it makes me giggle that Google thinks ethical products are now a trend as it is a trend we’ve lived and breathed for the past 20 years. 

What I have learned over time dealing with literally hundreds of retailers is that it is forward thinking retailers who are ahead of the curve that will survive. Retailers simply following the latest trend tend to compete on price (and compete with Amazon and the retail behemoths), where small retailers survive and thrive by offering something different.

Queen B―and many of our retailers―absolutely flourished during Covid because we have products that are non-negotiable in being an integral part of our customers’ lives.  

Our retailers who have thrived stand for something and can articulate that clearly. Whether it is Australian made, sustainable/eco or designer products, our strongest retailers have a philosophy and they only stock products that speak to that philosophy.

So why stock Queen B beeswax candles and wraps?

1 Good quality products are timeless and always in demand. Queen B have stood the test of time with over 20 years in business.

2 Australian made is more relevant than ever.

3 Creating a sanctuary at home (which is often doubling as a workplace) is more important than ever in trying to achieve that holy grail of work/life balance.

4 Queen B products have a depth that is rare: 
- Every product is handmade and hand packed 
- Our packaging, whilst stunning, is completely recyclable and compostable
- Every candle is hand made with only 100 per cent pure Australian beeswax and a pure cotton wick 
- We are so confident that our beeswax wraps are the best on the market that we have a 30 day money back guarantee.
- We are the only wrap company in Australia that have authority to use the fabrics from Liberty of London
- The plight of bees globally is a topic relevant to the vast majority of adults who read
- The plight of Australian farmers and regional communities is more relevant than ever due to drought and last year’s catastrophic bushfires (and for the record, we don’t produce soy or paraffin waxes in Australia)
- The plight of micro-plastic filled oceans globally and the problem of food waste are relevant to everyone on our island continent and beeswax wraps are a massive part of the solution to these problems
- if and when something goes wrong, the manufacturer of Queen B products is known and contactable 

5 Running a business that stands for something and offers their customers something meaningful is infinitely more rewarding and fulfilling than selling products destined for landfill.

By Cate Burton, Queen B

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Source: https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/intl/en-gb/consumer-insights/consumer-trends/retail-trends-predictions/