8 interior trends retailers need to know about

Carly Dibble is the founder of Meraki Home Design. Considered a creative force in the industry she creates unique ideas and styles that stretch style parameters for clients who want something new, fresh and yet warmly familiar. 

The meaning of Meraki means love, soul and creativity. Each of her designs break free from homogeny to create a spontaneous and adventurous masterpiece with splashes of edginess. Carly encourages colourful foundations and likes to ‘build up’ with dramatic powerful colours, patterns or textures.

“I’ve always thought colour and design were an extension of one’s personality and I encourage those clients that lack ‘colour- confidence’ to experiment with striking bold shades,” she says.

“I like to have fun with my clients and give them the confidence to experiment with colour and design. My imagination is boundless and I really enjoy when my clients give me the freedom to create something truly unique.”

Here Dibble discusses some interior trends we can look forward to.

1 The popular Scandinavian style will be tweaked to incorporate a more country design, therefore introducing feelings of warmth and a sense of relaxation. This style is also inspired by the landscape so natural materials are important in this look. Think tweeds & linens, timbers, rattan, curves in the design of furniture and leathers.

2 Popular colour pallets will be greens and mustards representing nature, freshness and ambient open spaces. The tonal blues are coming back especially the cobalt blue, this colour pallet will be mixed with maroon and mustard for an electric bold look. As well the earthy or sunset colours are still trendy which evoke intimacy and connection to a space.

3 Japanese design cues such as slick black, handmade ceramics and textile prints will be popular in a minimalistic look.

4 For a sophisticated look mirrored glass table tops, toffee and antique brass finishes, darker wood elements will add a touch of luxury and glamour. Velvets, boucle and jacquard fabrics will coordinate well with this style.

5 Sculpture forms in furniture designs will evoke uniqueness and be inspired by that 70s retro/futuristic look. Curvaceous profiling of pieces will be the distinctive hero in this minimalistic style  

6 This minimalistic look will see elements of terrazzo, marble, rattan, twisted cord, velvet and linens.  

7 Tribal and thebBohemian style is mixing together to create a free spirited style with a geometric exotic blend. The main elements will be tassels, tufting and velvet with an earthy touch of bone, beaten metals and rattan.

8 When it comes to fabric there is a real focus on digital, laser and 3D printing. Our digital age has influenced this industry phenomenally with nanotechnology being used in the creation of fibres that are fire-repellent, self-cleaning, anti-perspiring and water-repellent. Pushing materials to new limits and functional structures.