8 ways to stay sane in challenging times

Coronavirus is here, we unfortunately can’t change that. Now it’s about how we manage the challenge.

Tui Cordemans from Koh Living shares her eight top tips to maintain good mental health, which is what you need to move your business forward.

1. Clear your mind. 

The mind needs to have a break in order to be creative enough to tackle challenging situations. These are my two favourite ways.

This morning I went for a run (which I hate) and listened to my favourite music which made me sing and want to dance. For 30 minutes I was free of any mental chatter. For you, it could be swimming, yoga, reading a novel, gardening, etc, anything that takes your mind away.

I do transcendental meditation twice a day for 23 minutes. For the last two months I have also done the miracle morning routine, recommended by a group of entrepreneurs that support me. I highly recommend it.   

2. Reduce the amount of time you are spending in listening, watching or reading the news or time on social media.

The constant bombardment of news about the virus is not helpful to anyone. Ask yourself, how is knowing this helping me and my business right now? If it isn’t, then stop. 

To seek the latest news relevant to you, only check reputable news sources such as the Federal Government's Health Website.

3. Understand that we cannot change the course of what is going on in the world, but we can change how we feel about it and how we react to it.

What happens on the outside is not the biggest issue here. It is what happens on the inside that matters.

4. Stay healthy.

I have had a tendency to drink or binge on food in tough times but learned over the years that this is not helpful; it just adds to anxiety levels.

There are many other reasons for staying healthy, but now could not be a more important time. Follow the Federal Government’s health guidelines for you and your staff team.

5. Stay on purpose―remind yourself of why you are in business, and your mission.

Focus on that. However, you also know that the plan needs to change slightly to deal with the current hiccup, so adjust your plan for the new environment.  

6. Remind yourself this is temporary; 'this too shall pass'.

Bring your focus back to practical matters of running your business in this challenging time. What do you need to do right now? What are your new highest priorities?

7. Ask yourself, how does the current situation serve me?

I am a true believer that there is no negative without a positive (or vice versa). You can look at this in a negative way or a positive way. It is your choice. I can guarantee that if you sit down and spend an hour writing down how this situation will serve you―find the positives―you will be most grateful for the experience.  

8. Take something for your immune system.

I am taking Armaforce and highly recommend it. I am not worried about getting coronavirus, but if you are anything like me you will be a terrible sick person! I cannot stand being incapacitated. I am taking three tablets a day (and my daughter is taking one) just to make sure.

At a time like this, when our business, our staff and our customers will need us the most, we do not need to get sick.