An unexpected journey (continued...)

“We have been involved in corporate events and theming for many years, and had started to manufacture décor overseas, such as table linen and candelabra for events. Our welder in Indonesia approached us to say that the Indonesian Government was holding a trade event in Sydney, showcasing Indonesian artisans, and he had been invited, and wanted us to solely represent his goods in Australia.

“So we set up a small 2x3m stand which did only so well, but we took the idea further and went from strength to strength, by designing, manufacturing and importing our own product, and building the company. It was an unexpected opportunity, and at the time we really didn’t realise the potential that it would grow into the company we operate today. In fact, we are expanding to a warehouse triple the size!”

Collier adds that having a great team and competitive pricing is essential to a company’s success and recommends new businesses find their niche to succeed in this tough market.

“Retailers need to find something they do really well that’s unique to them. It might be their own sense of style, or an ability to put things together in new and unusual ways.

“Inspiration comes in many forms. You can see a pattern in nature, or a juxtaposition of a couple of things and think hey! That could be the next big thing…It’s about keeping your eyes open.”

Both retailers and wholesalers have to stay up to date with trends, including sustainability and the latest colours.

“I don’t think we realise just how massive sustainability is going to become. We are right in the middle of reviewing all our processes as part of our massive move…

As for colours, 2018 was the year or romance with black, purples and pinks. 2019 is going deep and rich. Don’t be afraid to try new ranges. Invest in colour!

Collier is looking forward to next year with exciting new sourcing trips coming up, finalising the new warehouse and office, and introducing new ranges.

“Refining our range and targeting our core demographic. We’ve got some exciting news we can’t even hint at. We love our customers and can’t wait to showcase our new range and welcoming new businesses coming on board.”

Meet ColCam Enterprises at stand DN19 at the upcoming AGHA Sydney Gift Fair at Sydney Olympic Park (23-26 February 2019). Entry is free for industry professionals. Visit for more information and to find out how you can attend this trade event.