Are you looking to increase your sales?

Did you know more than 5,296 visitors attended The Retail Quarter in 2018 including directors, key buyers and store owners? On average, 70 per cent of visitors purchased at the event, with another 73 per cent also intending to purchase after the show.

If you are thinking about exhibiting (perhaps even for the first time) in 2019, here are some facts & figures to help you along the way.

1 Having your product ranges at the show gives you great exposure as you can reach over 40,000 engaged qualified retailers.

2 Leverage your stand presence before, during and after the show through Reed Gift Fairs’ print, digital and social channels including blogs (6k subscribers), Facebook (15k followers), Instagram (18k followers), the exhibitor directory and Giftguide Online.

3 Exclusive marketing promotion and placement in front of new buyers―showcase your latest products to retailers from all over the country in one place!

4 Exclusive launch promotion in Reed Gift Fairs’ marketing campaign to more than 75,000 buyers.

5 Capture visitors' data at your stand with Emperia, Reed Gift Fairs’ free Lead Scan App which will give you all the information you need to follow up on those all-important leads!

6 Reed Gift Fairs connect you to visitors who are looking for the same product line you have! Through its Matchmaking program, it provides personalised product matches to you and to the fair’s visitors before the show.

7 Educate current buyers on innovative product developments―show them why your products are different and unique and will add value to their store!

8 Test new ideas and get instant feedback from would-be buyers―this is incredibly valuable if you are looking to launch new products to the market!

To find out if this powerful platform to potentially attract a larger market for your business is suitable, contact Leah Ramage on 02 9422 8819 or

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