Aussie start-up launches mental health & connectedness app

In light of social distancing measures and many people currently working from home, Melbourne-based visual communication developers and tech start-up Piqify has developed a unique app―PiqMeUp.

The app enables businesses to stay emotionally connected with their teams and keep an eye on the mental health and wellbeing of all staff.

Co-founders Luke Feldman and Shourov Bhattacharya are offering the PiqMeUp app free of charge to all businesses.

“During this period of isolation that we are all experiencing as a global community, it’s incredibly important to maintain emotional connections with colleagues and employees to ensure that no-one feels alone, which is why we have created and want to share PiqMeUp,” says Feldman.

PiqMeUp makes it simple for people to give a quick, easy to understand ‘check in’ as to how they are feeling and their mental state.

PiqMeUp uses predictive AI and bot automated messaging to communicate to communities at scale and is able to escalate for those at risk. For instance, if an employee responds that s/he is not coping well, PiqMeUp automatically escalates this feedback to the appropriate manager so that support can be provided immediately.

“The PiqMeUp app utilises Piqify’s unique visual language to give businesses a platform that makes it easy for them to extend an ‘emotional check-in’ across their teams daily, or as often as they feel is needed, to make sure that their teams feel supported and connected at this time,” comments Bhattacharya.

PiqMeUp can be easily integrated into existing organisation websites, intranets and portals, emails and other apps.

“PiqMeUp collects data ethically and securely to allow managers to monitor mental health, wellbeing and user feedback in real-time, making it an incredibly useful tool for this challenging time we’re all facing,” adds Bhattacharya.