Category review - candles & home fragrance

Consumers are purchasing home fragrance items including candles, diffusers and room sprays in record numbers. We look at the trends driving this popular category.

“Like Alice in a sensory Wonderland, you take a trip down the rabbit hole and experience it…” This is how luxury home fragrance brand, Glasshouse, describes using its products. Not just a way for consumers to scent their homes, candles, wax melts, reed diffusers and room sprays have become products that help create an atmosphere and add another layer of style in the home.

In the US market, revenue from candles alone is about US$2 billion per year and growing. This is reflected in Britain where, according to consultancy firm Kantar, the sale of home fragrance items went up 7.1 per cent during 2015.

This is a trend the Australian market is also seeing and, like their American and British counterparts, Australian shoppers are looking for premium products to transform their space.



Lisa Terrone, marketing director at Angel Aromatics, has seen this develop since the company started in 1993. “The trend in home renovation and decorating has made consumers more house proud and willing to buy high quality fragrance products and homewares,” she says.

“Scented candles in particular have increased in popularity as consumers strive to create atmosphere and enhance a particular mood in their home. With increased spend in home fragrance and the strong consumer interest in using fragrance to relax or improve their sense of wellbeing, the popularity of scented candles remains robust.”


Angel Aromatics home fragrance range


Claire Barnes, Ecoya sales and marketing director, agrees and says consumers are “more house proud than ever. Having a beautiful fragrance burning in your home is warm and inviting and enhances an environment.

“They are not only the perfect addition to a vignette in the home, but the fragrance burning often affects emotions and moods and evokes memories, elevating those everyday moments.”

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