Ceramics brand introduces new collection

Jones & Co is launching its latest range, Solarize, bringing a bit of sunshine into Aussie homes after a dreary and wet summer and autumn.

Celebrating bright new days ahead, the new collection makes its debut with five key ranges including Tourist Dreams, Florist Bounty, Rosine, Bellini and Evil Eye.

“We harnessed the power of the sun when designing this collection,” says Jennifer Jones, founder of Jones & Co.

“Chock full of Vitamin D, our pottery is warm, vibrant and just what the doctor ordered.”

Indeed, designed in Sydney and handmade in the Philippines using locally sourced terracotta clay, the Solarize collection is plentiful in pattern, texture, colour and creativity with their wheel-thrown pottery ceramics, all handmade and hand painted.

"We always design our products to mirror worldwide trends. We want our products fit in stores to match back to soft furnishings, coffee book covers and up-to-the-minute fashion trends and shapes. We always produce products with a well-researched colour palette that we know will be on trend.

"For example, our range of Rizal vases feature earthy, organic, repeated patterns with undulating lines. It's a topography vibe that plays with scale and over-sized shapes. Our Evil Eye range of handmade vases and capiz shell wall art is right on trend with the popularity of spiritual motifs. And don't we all need a bit of protection these days."

Tourist Dreams is all about bringing the holidays to your home. Wheel thrown clay vessels featuring hand painted symbols that are synonymous with the brand’s three favourite holiday destinations: Hawaii, Paris & Ibiza.

Designed to showcase the skills of Jones & Co’s artisans, the Florist Bounty range highlights the hand painting talent required to produce their artisan pottery. A showstopper for any table, hallway or dining table.

A modern take on a vintage colour palette, each piece in the Rosine range has been thrown on a potter’s wheel and hand painted in mustard, pale blue, teal and white. All pieces are striking solo or fill the vase will flowers and use the tray as a fruit bowl for something different.

The exuberant patterns and riotous colours on the Bellini range make for a standout piece in any room. With contrasting colours and an exciting play on spots and stripes, the handmade and hand-painted range teamed together creates a fun and vibrant story.

Perfect for small to medium-sized plants, with a small drainage hole the Evil Eye planters are the perfect way to up your pot plant game. The curve creates a subtle double shape that feels playful and organic.

Jones adds that customers are also gravitating towards the larger over-scaled pottery pieces because they're show stopping statement-makers.

"These large pieces bring instant gratification for a room because you only need to buy one big showstopper and say, 'I'm done'. Even better, it's part of our brand's abundant, generous spirit, which we lovingly call 'Joneserosity'."

Retail prices start at $84. The Solarize range is available now.