Enhance your sourcing with Retail Therapy

With Life Instyle and Reed Gift Fairs Sydney just around the corner, more than 260 exhibitors are gearing up to showcase their latest products and ranges to eager retailers at the ICC.

However, while the event is all about sourcing and networking during these four days from 17 to 20 April, Life Instyle and Reed Gift Fairs are also running a bunch of ‘Retail Therapy’ sessions with industry experts providing you with all the tools and knowledge you need to run your business in a post-Covid environment.

On Sunday 18 April, Josh Armstrong, founder of We the Wild, talks about turning a crisis into opportunity and how to adapt your business to a post-Covid consumer. He will provide insights, tips and tricks to help your business thrive in a post-Covid retail environment including how to diversify your retail and sales strategy; the art of digital transformation; and how to bring sustainability to the heart of your business.

That same day as well as Monday morning, Melissa Robbins of the Lotco will take retailers through some strategies to boost your sales, provide tools to manage your business and how to get your customers to spend more money.

Don’t miss Felisha Mina of the Milkit Academy who will provide retailers with a simple (and proven) framework to increase campaign results by 76 per cent. The one-hour session includes theory and practical exercises that will forever transform your growth strategies.

You'll learn cost-effective strategies to drive new customers to your website; nurturing tips to make your subscribers feel warm and fuzzy; how to create an illusion of urgency and increase on-site conversions; and the most profitable post-purchase emails to keep customers coming back.

Make sure you check out Lyndal Wallis of Fossick Trends who will take you through the retail trends highlighting key consumer shifts and their effect on product and retail categories. This talk will include insights from the Fossick Trends global community of forecasting specialists including how to use trend directions in colour, material, pattern and shape to create inspiring and engaging merchandising.

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