Getting your store ready for Father’s Day

For many retailers Father’s Day is an important event and maybe even more so in 2020.

As stores are opening up again, the next big shopping event will be Father’s Day in September. While this is still a few months away, with the recent Covid-19 restrictions that put many bricks and mortar stores into hibernation, there is no time to sit back and relax.

According to a 2018 report by the Commonwealth Bank, Australians spend $1.58 billion in the lead up to Father’s Day versus just $1.37 billion spent on Mother’s Day. Indeed, spending for Father’s Day has increased year-on-year, with the data showing a 37 per cent increase since 2015 in Australia.

Sales and profit are now more important than ever and retailers need to get customers back into their stores. Here are some tips to get you started and make Father’s Day the most significant day of the year.

Displays are your friend

When it comes to Father’s Day merchandise, set up a display with all kinds of dad products for that special day. Make sure it is clearly visible. Either group certain themes together or just have one major display with dad stuff. If possible, create a specific window display for Father’s Day. That is surely to get the attention of shoppers!

If you don’t really sell Father’s day gifts, don’t worry. Why not add some greeting cards or gift cards to your offering? They don’t take up a lot of space and are a great alternative for people who are not quite sure what to get.

Let’s get digital

Digital has become increasingly important over the last few months, and should still be a big part of your Father’s Day campaign. Integrate bricks and mortar and ecommerce and you’re onto a winner!

The increase in online shopping will only continue, so to get your customers’ attention ramp up your digital strategy. Offer special deals, create a special section on your website just for Father’s Day, or highlight your Father’s Day offerings with a banner that pops up as soon as your customer lands on your homepage.

Send out specific Father’s Day email campaigns promoting your products and the special deals you are offering. Give your customers incentives to shop at your store, whether it’s online or instore.

And of course don’t forget social media. Your reach will be instant and with both Pinterest and Instagram now enabling shopping, it gives retailers another venue to explore and make some sales!

Think outside the box

Some customers might find it difficult to pick out a Father’s Day gift and they welcome any help that’s available. So why not create a specific Father’s Day gift pack? You can make it as big or as small as you’d like and even include some slow moving stock.

This way you open up shelf space for more fast-moving merchandise and make more sales while your customers walk away with the perfect gift for their loved one!

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