Greens and 70s accents dominate summer trends

Summer is here and this means a return to calm, natural tones when it comes to design trends as we as a society continue to focus on wellbeing.

The Cultivate colour palette mixes soft, earthy greens and blue-greens with a sprinkling of bold, 70s accents such as plum, mustard and dusty violet, making it the perfect choice to refresh any space this season.

Cultivate is all about nature says Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux colour and communications manager. For example, greens make us feel relaxed and connected to nature. They hint at fresh beginnings and evoke a sense of optimism and creativity.

“A sense of nostalgia has been creeping into design trends for a while now, and in 2020 this will be expressed with 70s references―think shades of eggplant and curd alongside warm timbers and touches of coloured ceramics and glass,” she adds.

“Injecting these unexpected colours and elements into a muted, earthy scheme, from the Cultivate trend, is also a great way to add personality and fun.”

Paint can be anyone’s secret weapon―it’s fast, affordable and can completely change the look and feel of a space in as little as a few hours.

“Use it to transform your walls, repurpose pieces that you’ve grown tired of, or add that little element of surprise to shelves or niches. There are no rules about what you should and shouldn’t do ―it’s about using colour to express your personality and creating a space that’s uniquely your own,” she says.

Summer styling tips

● Power of contrasts: add interest by mixing different materials, such as timber, felt, rattan, velvet, glass and steel.

● Keep it casual: think relaxed, low-slung seating and complementary pieces with textured natural materials and an outdoor style.

● Mad about rattan: a sleek rattan cabinet or armchair will suit this scheme’s natural aesthetic, while adding a contemporary touch.

● Japanese subtlety: seek out pieces with subtle Japanese styling cues such as black stained timber, handmade ceramics or delicate botanical prints.

● Light and bright: keep window furnishings simple―think linen sheers that let the sun filter through.

● Green goodness: finish off this natural look with cascading greenery and potted plants in all shapes and sizes.

Dulux Australia. Styled by Bree Leech. Photographer Lisa Cohen.