Look out for oranges, reds and mint in 2018

India is known for its beautiful colours, materials and textures and India Exports’ stand at the Hong Kong Mega Show Part 1 was an excellent representation of Indian culture.

Owner Rajesh Punjabi says he likes to follow the trends when picking colours for his collections.

“We like to move with the times and clients tell us about trends they have noticed,” he explains. “For 2018 we will see a lot of oranges, reds and mint is coming (back) in a big way. You will see this in our new collection to be launched in January next year.”

His fabrics are 100 per cent hand woven by skilled artisans. “We employ over 1,000 weavers to create our products. We are the only company in India to do this.”

India Exports produces cushions, throws and soft furnishings for markets including Western Europe, Scandinavia, the US, Argentina and Australia.

“We used to sell to Freedom in Australia, we worked closely with their designer for about two years. It was mostly low-end items so when they became more price sensitive we couldn’t fit into their price bracket anymore, which is a shame.

“What we supply to one customer we, of course, won’t sell to another. In the US we deal mostly with retailers, but for the other markets we work with wholesalers.”

The business, which is based in Mumbai, has been around for 15 years but it has only been during the past few years that it has seen massive growth as it expands into different markets.

“We exhibit at many trade fairs, such as the Mega Show in Hong Kong and the IHGF Fair in Delhi. I have been invited to take a stand at Maison & Objet in Paris. Unfortunately I have buyers in Belgium and France who exhibit at the show and they wouldn’t be very happy to see me ‘competing’ with them.

“I would have to do a whole new collection and it’s very tempting to do though, just to experience the show and come back with some hard cash, close to US$150,000, is very tempting. However, it wouldn’t be fair on my customers and goes against any business ethics.”

By Marion Gerritsen