Made by Pen’s new collection is all about good

Known for its signature minimalist and inventive style, Made by Pen is back with a new focus after a self-imposed two-year hiatus to re-evaluate its practice and approach to design.

The studio’s new collection will be reflective of the strengthen of the studio values as it introduces two new partnerships with Ilan El (Ilanel Studios) and Sydney architect Jeremy Hughes alongside three of Pen’s staple collaborators Nick Rennie, Michael Ong and Stefan Bagnoli.

The new pieces will broaden the studio’s offering in storage, pet and lighting and in addition the studio will introduce a modular planter series, says director Amy Sellick.

“Our new pieces will imbue all the characteristic of what we believe is good design, but more than just delivering this, how we go about doing this is also very considered,” she explains.

“We choose our team and partnerships based on finding people with likeminded values. To us the process in delivering good design is equally fundamental.”

Indeed, Pen now redefines good design as well-designed and articulated products where quality, aesthetic, functionality and approach are measured equally.

Also, its new pieces will be manufactured through social enterprise HELP Enterprises. Pen first partnered with them in 2020 with the re-birth of the Dog Room. 

“We are excited to extend our commitment in working with HELP. Through their partnership we are able to deliver quality products for our customers and at the same time have the privilege to gain a genuine understanding of people living with disability and be inspired by some amazing individuals.”

HELP is a social enterprise committed to enhancing the lifestyle, independence and ambitions of people with disability. The manufacturing arm of HELP provides meaningful employment opportunities for people with disability so that they can develop new skills and reach their goals in a supported work environment.

“For many of our team members having a job means much more than just a paycheck; it’s about learning, gaining confidence and making important connections,” says Help’s workshop supervisor Trevyn.

“When brands like Made by Pen choose HELP, they’re not just getting a quality product, they’re providing meaningful opportunities for people with disability.”