Mother’s Day special: 7 mums who rule on social media

Meet seven women using social media to share their version of #mumlife, from fashion to parenting fails.

Instagram, once the domain of teenagers sharing selfies, is now populated with millions of women across the world posting about their lives as mothers. From fashion-forward mums sharing their #ootd (outfit of the day) to those using the platform to share funny parenting fails, there’s a whole world of social media savvy mums out there.

Here are seven you should be following.

Chantelle Elem AKA Fat Mum Slim

Australian Chantelle Elem started her blog, Fat Mum Slim, in July 2008 after having her first baby. What began as a private weight loss journal quickly grew into something bigger, and today she has over 100,000 followers on both Instagram and Facebook. She also created the incredibly popular Photo a Day challenge on Instagram, where over 23 million images have been shared by users across the globe.

Elem is now a full time blogger and entrepreneur. She has been an ambassador for camera brand Olympus since 2015 and created her own app, Little Moments by Fat Mum Slim,

Follow her for: good vibes, parenting stories and beautiful pictures of her life on the North Coast of NSW.

Busy Phillips

Already famous for roles in early 2000s teen shows like Dawson’s Creek and Freaks and Geeks, Busy Phillips was described by The New Yorker as “the breakout star of Instagram stories”. While she is still acting (and writing a memoir), she’s, well, busy Instagramming her life.

From family holidays with her husband and two kids (Birdie and Cricket) to intense trampoline-based workouts to lying on the kitchen floor with her cats… Phillips documents anything and everything. She has 858K Instagram followers and if you’re one of them, you will be very familiar with the ‘You guys…’ she starts many videos with.

Follow her for: life as a working actor, hilarious videos of her kids and the occasional Michelle Williams cameo.

Zoë Foster-Blake

Although Zoë Foster-Blake is hilarious in her own right, her son, Sonny, is often the real star of her Instagram feed (@zotheysay). She’s collected 642K fans with her witty captions, adorable family photos featuring husband Hamish Blake, and skincare recommendations (the former beauty editor is also the creator of Go-To skincare). Now with bonus cuteness thanks to the addition of baby Rudy.

Follow her for: Sonny saying hilarious things! Also excellent, not-too-serious skincare advice and funny captions.

Naomi Davis AKA Taza

Naomi Davis (@taza) has been blogging about her life since 2007, when she married her husband Josh. The New York-based pair now has three kids (aged seven, five and three) with twins on the way. She makes life in a big city with kids look fun, and her Instagram Stories often feature great places to eat and things to do.

Follow her for: snippets of life in NYC, tips for travelling with kids and a whole lot of #foodporn.

Clemmie Hooper AKA Mother of Daughters

Newly qualified midwife Clemmie Hooper found out she was pregnant aged 23, after living with her boyfriend for six weeks. Now 32 and a mum of four (including twins) she shares her jam-packed life with 437K Instagram followers as @mother_of_daughters. The influencer still works as a midwife and has published a book, How to grow a Baby and Push it Out.

Follow her for: an unpolished, funny look at life as a working mum.

Innika Choo

Based on her Insta feed (@innika), Bali-based Australian designer and mum of three Innika Choo is living the dream. Think shots of serene green fields, dirt roads, beaches and blue skies, with a good helping of smiling kids and witty captions. Look out for shots of her and the kids in matching outfits courtesy of her fashion label, Innika Choo. 

Follow her for: beautiful shots of family life in Bali and the occasional ‘mummy and me’ fashion post.

Zoë de Pass AKA Dress like a Mum

Zoë de Pass is on a mission to change the preconception that women automatically lose their sense of style and passion for fashion when they become mums. Through her blog and Instagram (@dresslikeamum), the London-based brand consultant shares her cool sense of style and cute pictures of her two kids. With another on the way, we’ll be sticking around to see her style evolve—but never grow boring—as she juggles three little ones.

Follow her for: her positive, you-got-this attitude, amazing outfits and inspiration via #dresslikeamum.