Mother’s Day special: combining business & motherhood

We talk to mums whose kids were the inspiration for their business ventures. This week it’s Cinzia Cozzolino, founder of Smoothie Bombs.

What inspired you to start the business?

My fussy eating teen was forever driving me crazy with her food choices so I came up with a solution that would provide her with the right nutrients while still suiting her taste buds. 

What makes your products unique? 

The concept of having a pre-portioned smoothie booster with 10+ certified organic ingredients for ease of use is my product's unique advantage. Yes, there are superfood blends but Smoothie Bombs are serve-ready and full of real ingredients. They can also be eaten as is. 

Top tips for combining motherhood and a successful business?

Give yourself a break if the kitchen sink is full of dishes and the cleaning hasn't been done. Running a business is all consuming and family time is so important. Prioritise quality time with the kids around your business commitments. The rest can wait in line. 

Best and/or worst Mother’s Day gift received?

Best gift has always been the pancakes and smoothie in bed each Mother's Day. It’s become a tradition at our place and I love it. The worst was probably when my former husband bought me a BBQ and I was vegetarian (no surprise why he's my ex!). 

What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned so far?

Stick to your guns and keep your vision alive. I have had lots of different opinions thrown at me along the way but I have always stayed focussed on why I created my business to start with. I love surrounding myself with successful business people who are still excited about what they are doing. It's infectious.

Future plans for the company?

There is quite a bit happening in the Smoothie Bombs camp at the moment. We are always expanding our range and coming up with new flavours to keep our regular customers happy. We have big news this year about some awesome international stockists as we are expanding in overseas markets.