Preparing your online ordering platform for the Christmas rush

As the holiday season draws near, retailers of every size and shape brace themselves. On average, Australians spend $955 each during the Christmas period. As families gather and parties are held, that means extra business for your online ordering platform.

The Christmas rush can be a great time to make the most of additional cash flow and grow a consistent customer base. Or, it can be a time of stress and poor quality. The difference is preparation! Being prepared is key.  

Online ordering platforms are an excellent tool during the Christmas period. There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure your platform is ready for the rush. Simplifying and systemising your processes and technology could be the difference between a business boom or a blow-up.  

Triple check your technology  

The number one issue for online ordering platforms during busy periods is technology failure. Whether there’s a processing issue, a bug in the system or an admin glitch, increased traffic means increased pressure on your technology. You can prepare for the Christmas rush by ensuring all your technology is in order. Do trial orders, take customer reviews and put backup systems in place to make sure your platform can handle the busy season.  

Promote holiday sales

One of the great things about online ordering platforms is the ability to promote specific offers and sales. Make the most of marketing opportunities during the Christmas season by preparing your online platform accordingly. Use the platform to its full capacity by offering special incentives and offers.

Perfect the process

The processes around your online ordering platform should be efficient and simple. You can waste precious time and money if processes are disorganised or misunderstood by staff. In the lead up to the Christmas rush, it is especially important to perfect your processes.

How smooth are the various elements of the ordering system? From browsing and selection to payment and delivery, every step of the way should be thoughtfully constructed. This ensures you can embrace the extra business which comes with the Christmas rush.

Online ordering has transformed the way we shop. Convenience and efficiency are key characteristics of a great online ordering platform. However, when holiday season brings additional business, it can be easy to collapse under the pressure. Prepare for the rush by triple checking your technology, promoting sales and perfecting the process. This will ensure your platform is performing at its best and you can enjoy the extra Christmas cash flow!

John Saadie, founder of Order Up!