Same day delivery take-up continues to soar

The recent rise in interest rates seemingly is not impacting on gift-giving as more and more Australians are embracing same day delivery, especially on key retail dates such as Mother’s Day.

Last year, Sherpa recorded a 60 per cent increase on previous years and this year’s Mother’s Day delivery figures have again broken records, with more than 11,000 deliveries made by Sherpa on Sunday 8 May 2022—that’s an increase of more than 40 per cent on last year.

Sherpa shipped more than 200,000 floral surprises this year, in addition to thousands more gift deliveries including cupcakes, desserts, hampers and even technology proving particularly popular presents for Mother’s Day 2022.

“There’s no doubt that the pandemic spurred consumer interest in same day delivery, but what’s markedly noteworthy is that we’re seeing no slow-down of interest now that Covid-19 restrictions have lifted,” explains Sherpa CEO, Duncan Brett.

“What the Covid-19 pandemic has done is prove to a whole new cohort of customers the value and convenience of same day delivery. A significant portion of customers, who were forced to shop in this way during the past two years, have now adopted it long-term

“Mother’s Day 2022 is a prime example of an ongoing retail revolution. Consumers today generally have a mentality that they ‘want it and they want it now’. Because Sherpa is synonymous with same day delivery and we have set the timeframe bar so high, we are delivering a lot more flowers, working with a lot more businesses and covering a much wider area of the country (and in-fact New Zealand too now) than ever before.

“Of course, Mother’s Day is always one of our busiest days of the year but the demand for fast delivery continues to soar across other categories too including groceries, medical, alcohol and consumer electronics. Sherpa’s business doubled in size during the 2021 financial year and since last June, we’ve again more than doubled as more and more retailers turn to Sherpa for same day delivery,” adds Brett.

The most popular area in Australia for Mother’s Day deliveries was Sydney, with 3,000 deliveries to Sydney on Mother’s Day. Close behind was Melbourne with 2,700 deliveries. When it comes to the suburbs, the top three suburbs for gift-deliveries to mums this year were Caloundra in Queensland, Gosford in New South Wales and Cranbourne in Victoria.