The power of reflection

I have often read that journaling is beneficial, but it was not until this last year that I realised just how beneficial it is. Journaling can be about reflection, mulling over things, getting stuff out of your head and onto paper, making sense of everything and understanding what lessons we need to learn. The mere action of emptying your mind can release a lot of stress and ‘stuck’ thoughts that are going nowhere (until you start writing them down).This can make space in your mind for creativity.

Reflection, meditation and other spiritual practices are undertakings that entrepreneurs never find time for. Their thinking runs like this …. ‘it is not for me as it entails slowing down and being present and mindful’.

Now that I have personally had a taste of journaling, I cannot recommend it enough, especially for business owners. I rejected the concept of meditation (and journaling) for 30 years with the excuse that I did not have the right personality type (type A) and, moreover, that I did not need to meditate. I now meditate on a daily basis and life feels balanced.

Through journaling, I have had some key insights this year that will form the basis of decisions I make for my personal life and business in 2021.This is what I have learned and I hope my suggestions will help you and your business.

Writing down all the things that went wrong, where you feel you failed, why you feel that way, what you can learn from that, what strategies you can take on to make the road a little smoother in 2021, etc. Reflection takes courage because it is an exercise where you step outside of your body and look back at yourself. Who was I being and who do I want to become? Reflection demands self-discipline. It might be a real challenge but it is extremely beneficial if you want to live a full, happy and meaningful life.

We also looked at some of the highlights and low points in our business. We included our staff in this exercise―this decision was really popular. We looked at what worked, what didn’t work, what changed and what didn’t change in 2020 (in our business, our industry, in the general social environment). This exercise brought up some great ideas for how to be and what to give going into 2021.

Business is all about people, it’s about understanding what people want and need, and offering them solutions. So, what did you learn about yourself, your business, your industry and your customers in 2020? And how will those lessons help you get through (and even thrive) the vagaries of 2021?

Whatever that may be, we wanted to take a moment to remind you to pat yourself on the back and say, well done. This has probably been the toughest year in your life and you made it. We are most grateful that you are still here because you make our day brighter whenever we interact with you. You are important to us and we value you and everything you have to offer.

Let’s take some time out to reflect, to pat ourselves on the back, have some champagne and heaps of fun. We look forward to serving you in 2021.

By Tui Cordemans, Koh Living

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