Top apps for business organisation

These days, your smart phone can do just about everything. It can track your heartbeat, call your mum and do your banking all at once. But, did you know that it can be a great tool in business organisation too? Technology is there to help us and as business owners, we should take full advantage of that. There are many apps available to help you organise your business better. Today, I give you the insider’s guide to the best apps out there.


Wave is an accounting software that is designed to be easy. And we all know easy accounting is the best kind. Wave is a great piece of software, with invoicing, receipt storage and budgeting services all available. It is completely free and super simple to use.

Many business owners feel overwhelmed by finances. When you are in charge of salaries, income, expenses, tax and more―it can all feel like too much. This is where the fatal mistake of disorganisation comes in. Wave is sure to sort you out and have you feeling confident.


Do you have multiple people on your team who don’t work from the space office? This is a common reality for many businesses these days, with remote and at-home work becoming more and more popular. Slack is here to help! This clever app allows for collaboration, task-setting and tracking―all with the touch of a button. It is highly effective and a great way to keep in touch with the daily work of your employees or contractors.

When you’ve got multiple balls in the air, you’re likely to drop one. Slack is your safety net. Taking your team’s to-do lists out of your head and into reality, Slack keeps everyone on the same page.


A similar app to Slack, Asana is a collaboration and task-setting app which motivates you every step of the way. Asana’s app works beautifully across all platforms and the integration and collaboration functions are great.

When you tick off a task in Asana, you are rewarded with a unicorn. Yep, a unicorn! That’s a sure fire way to get you organised as you are motivated by this fun app.


While technology can be a blessing to our businesses, it can also be a curse. Ever had those days where you can’t seem to drag yourself away from Instagram? You know you have a deadline but Facebook or your favourite Youtuber just seems too tempting. Freedom is the app to change all that. This app-blocking app allows you to set timers during which you cannot access particular sites or apps.

Sometimes the only thing standing between us and business organisation is … us! Freedom gets around your poor self-control and stops you from wasting time. Better time management, the easy way.


The to-do list of dreams, Wunderlist is a great app to keep track of your day to day tasks. With colour-coding, personalised organisation systems and an efficient platform, Wunderlist is one of the most popular business organisation tools out there.

Avoid the mess and create easy to follow to-do lists for yourself with Wunderlist. This app helps you sort everything out and get a good overall idea of your schedule.


Social media can become disorganised very quickly. With multiple platforms and complex content strategies, it quickly becomes a burden and a time killer. Hootsuite is a great app designed to avoid this issue. This app helps you create and schedule your social media content.

Often, business owners have social media at the back of their mind―always. It is a never ending to-do list and feels unmanageable. Hootsuite allows you to gain control and feel on top of social media organisation.

Use technology for good

Business owners are known for always having one hand on their phone. Make sure your technology time is benefiting you and your business organisation. Phones are a great way to keep on top of the day to day life of business. Try out these apps and see what works for you.

By Katie Kirsopp founder of Your Part Time PA