Trend alert: a colour that pops

Colourful lockers brand Mustard Made has released a new colourway to brighten up any décor in the home.

Inspired by co-founder Jess Stern’s baby girl, Poppy’s namesake colourway is launching as a limited-edition locker collection.

“Just like our little girl, Poppy is confident, playful and adventurous,” she explains.

“Our Poppy is an iconic shade of red that has a very retro-inspired vibe.”

Indeed, Poppy is a bright burst of red that adds the cherry on top to an already bold colour palette, adds Stern.

“It pairs perfectly with our pink tones, Blush and Berry, or can be matched with our rich, saturated hues, like Mustard and Navy, to make a striking statement.”

Since launching at a trade show in Sydney in 2018 with two products and six colours, Mustard has grown on all fronts.

Co-founded by sisters Becca and Jess Stern, Mustard Made has grown from a light-bulb idea to a multi-million-dollar startup in just four years. The cult homewares brand expanded into the US last year.

Revenue has doubled year-on-year, each year since launch, a growth trajectory that is tipped to escalate ever further with Mustard’s entry into the US.

The limited-edition Poppy colourway is available across Mustard’s signature range of lockers.

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